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Larry Brogan
Photographic Artist

CAPTURE THE EXCITEMENT: The Pike Restaurant, 985 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA graciously serves as Larry’s gallery. Approximately 30 pieces of Larry’s larger work are in the dining room, as well as great food, drinks and service. This web site features a 150th Anniversary Gallery with sub-galleries for each day containing all pictures taken that day.

Larry Brogan, author of The Delta Zone: Domain of the Perfect Spy, has turned his creative focus to photographic art for the past eight-plus years.

Although Larry photographs traditional local subjects, such as rural settings, battlefield locations, historic sites etc, he also enjoys constructing and photographing “created scenes” or still life, such as his Winter’s Love, Waiting for Spring, Marcia’s Bouquet as well as Roses and Wine plus many, many more.

His most exciting work is photographing the emotional pitch of live battlefield reenactments. He strives to capture the historical and emotional realism of the up close fighting as well as the hardships and good times of the encampments.

His current gallery display features civil war art centered around the Battle at Gettysburg. Larry is celebrating the 150th anniversary of that historic battle.

Larry is passionate about his creative efforts and likes meeting with those who view his work. He enjoys answering any questions you may have about his photography and photographic art editing techniques. Look for him at The Pike during the reenactments as well as year-round.

Larry currently has art hanging in homes across Pennsylvania; as well as in Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York and Ohio. His work has international appeal as well, hanging in Argentina, Australia and Germany. has hundreds of pieces of Larry's work for you to browse and enjoy. He would love to have his art decorating your home for enjoyment by both you and your guests.

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